Banner Advertising

Giant Schnauzer Club of America allows banner advertisements for dog related products or services on this site. Banners for breeders or sellers of dogs are not allowed. All banners, products and the URL links are subject to approval and may be removed at anytime. Fees are non-refundable even if banner display is discontinued or cancelled by the GSCA or banner subscriber.

All funds from banner sales will be earmarked for giant schnauzer rescue. Funds will be distributed when and to which organization or private party the GSCA feels is in need of such funds.

Not only promote your site but show your support for rescue by purchasing a banner.

The two types of banner advertisements offered:

  1. The banner advertisements are either RANDOM (display randomly throughout the site under the left side menu and top of message board). Size limited to 140 x 84 pixels. Fee is $50 per year. Location Sample.
  2. SHOW SPECIFIC or CERTAIN PAGE SPECIFIC (subject to GSCA approval). Size limited to 550 x 128 pixels. Fee is $100 per year or term page is displayed. Location Sample.

ALL PAID ADVERTISEMENTS MUST DISPLAY "Paid Advertisement" or "Paid Advertisement to Benefit Rescue"

Animation is allowed but must be limited to - 2 to 5 Frames.

Banner creation or design is available for a small extra fee.

Certain organizations or non-profit organizations can request a free random banner displayed under the paid random banner under the left side menu such as the banner for the AKC website. Free banners are subject to GSCA approval.

These terms and conditions are effective as of May 21st, 2006. We reserve the right to change these terms and conditions at any time.

To order:

Contact the webmaster with information on what you would like to advertise and the URL you wish to have the ad link to. Once that is approved you will be asked to send payment to the GSCA treasurer. When payment is received you banner will be added.