Versatile Companion Dog (VCD) Giants
Giants are listed at the highest level attained.

Cjhm Just a Country Boy VCD1, CDX, TDX
Owner: Janet Mercer
CH Keystone's Gypsy in the Palace VCD1 RA
Owner: Teresa Higgins

CT Riesenrad's Heike In Motion, VCD1, UDX
Owner: Ingrid & Herman Hamburger
Ruster's Dust Commander VCD1 RN OA NAP NJP
Owner: Laura Feldt

CH Tapfers Natasha VCD1, OA, OAP, OAJ, NJP
Owner: Barbara & Phil Stewart

Riesenrad's Special Wheel VCD1, TDX, OAP, OJP
Owner: Ingrid & Herman Hamburger/ Tarja Ahlgren
CH OTCH Skansen's Tequila VCD1 UDX (B)
Owner: Sandra Davis
Valleesa's Amazing Grace VCD1, RN, AX, AXJ, NAP, NJP
Owner: Valli Rovenolt
Celestial Catch Me If You Can VCD1 RA
Owner:  Laura Feldt & Brianna Higgins


CH Zimyrs Pavarottii VCD2, TDX, MX, AXP, MXJ, AJP
Owner: Tarja & Jyrki Ahlgren

Mister Rochester VCD2, NAP, NJP
Owner: Ruth Rustad

Tuerler’s Raindrop Drake VCD2, AXP, AXJ, MJP
Owners: Bernie & Bridgette Tuerler

Dante Von Der Allen Hof VCD2, NA, NAJ
Owners: Arlene Diamante-Nunez

CH Momentumm After Dark V. Ruster VCD2, RE
Owner: Kathy Seaman

Histyle's Nosy Rosie VCD2 RN TDX
Owners: J & M Shonborn


Duchess Denali Tuerler VCD3, UDX, MX, MXP, MJP
Owner: Bernie & Bridgette Tuerler

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