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Be An Informed Puppy Buyer!!!

The GSCA has a Code of Ethics that suggests that all breeders try to always conserve and improve the quality of the breed. 

The GSCA supports the Canine Health Foundation's "CHIC" (Canine Health Information Center) program, which currently recommends three specific disease screenings (hips, thyroid and eyes) to be performed on all Giants to be bred. See this page for details. 

A listing of known health problems in Giant Schnauzers is listed below.  See also the main
GSCA Health & Hereditary page for a more detailed description on the various diseases found in Giant Schnauzers. Check things out--be an informed puppy buyer! 

It is strongly recommended that you read the following documents prior to contacting any breeder.  Being an educated consumer means that you have enough information to ask informed questions and be able to discern for yourself whether a breeder is reputable or not. 

Questions to Ask Breeders BEFORE You Purchase A Puppy

Known Health Problems in Giant Schnauzers

Top 10 Worst Excuses Breeders Use for NOT Doing Health Testing

The Giant Schnauzer Club of America (GSCA) maintain this directory of people who are active in breeding Giant Schnauzers.  GSCA provides this list of breeders as a service to the general public. These breeders (members) are in good standing with the Giant Schnauzer Club of America and have paid a fee to be listed on this website.  Under no circumstances does the GSCA guarantee the services of said member(s) or assume any responsibility or liability regarding any agreements you may enter in with any of the breeders listed.  The information listed has been provided to GSCA directly by the breeder.  If an assertion has been made regarding health testing and it is later deemed to be untrue, this will be grounds for removal from this list and possible further disciplinary action as allowed by the Constitution and By-Laws.

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