GSCA's Opposition To Giant Schnoodles

The Giant Schnauzer Club of America, Inc. is dedicated to the health and welfare of the Giant Schnauzer breed while conserving the original breed function - that of a family guardian and versatile working dog.  A purebred dog offers to his owner the likelihood that he will be a specific size, shape, color and temperament. The predictability of a breed comes from selection for traits that are desirable and away from traits that are undesirable. When a breed standard or type is set, the animals within that breed have less heterozygosity than do animals in a random population

A Giant Schnoodle is nothing more than an expensive mongrel. Because the genetic makeup is diverse from the Poodle genes and the Giant Schnauzer genes, the resultant first generation (F1) offspring is a complete genetic gamble. The dog may be any size, color, coat texture and temperament. Indeed Giant Schnoodles do shed. Their coat may be wiry or silky, curly, wavy or straight, and may mat. Body shape varies with parentage but tends to be lanky and narrow. Behavior varies with the dog and within a litter with some puppies poodle-like in attitude and others somewhat like the Giant Schnauzer with a more pronounced guarding instinct.

The Giant Schnauzer Club of America, Inc. is opposed to cross-breeding of dogs and is particularly opposed to the deliberate crossing of Giant Schnauzers with any other breed. These crossbreds are a deliberate attempt to mislead the public with the idea that there is an advantage to these designer dogs. The crossbred dogs are prone to all of the genetic disease of both breeds and offer none of the advantages that owning a purebred dog has to offer.

Many thanks to the Labrador Retriever Club, Inc. for allowing us to use some of their text in preparing this message.

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