Code of Ethics

Approved June, 2006

To maintain and improve the quality of Giant Schnauzer stock, and to provide Giant Owners with basic principles to protect the breed from exploitation, irresponsible promotion or careless breeding, the members of the Giant Schnauzer Club of America, Inc. have approved this code of ethics by vote of the entirety.

BREEDING: A typical Giant Schnauzer must have not only the characteristic appearance described in the breed standard (as revised and approved by GSCA and AKC, 1983) but the energy and stamina required for any useful work, and the reliable disposition so important in a family dog and companion. This breed has now reached a point in the number and quality of Giants bred here or imported from abroad and in the wide distribution of desirable bloodlines throughout the USA, where there is neither necessity nor excuse for any Giant owner truly concerned for the future of the breed to use for breeding purposes any individuals which are unsound or inferior in conformation, temperament or health.


1. In breeding any bitches or offering a dog at stud, I will always try to breed Giant Schnauzers that improve the breed temperamentally, structurally and physically, putting the welfare of the breed before any considerations of profit or personal advantage.

2. I will not use for breeding, nor advertise, sell or make available to anyone for any purpose, a Giant that is shy, vicious, or of an obviously nervous, unreliable disposition. If I must place such an unsound and atypical Giant, I will see to it that it is spayed or neutered and will not pass on the proble

3. I will not use, advertise, sell or make available for breeding purposes, any Giant having a serious defect, whether known to be inherited or not, or any fault that is a disqualification under the breed standard.

4. I will have all of my Giants x-rayed for hip dysplasia (HD) before they are used for breeding or offered at stud; the unequivocal diagnosis of no HD (in any degree) to be made by OFA or meets the average mean for Giant Schnauzers using Penn HIP.

5. It is also encouraged that any and all technology available be used to screen all animals to be used for breeding, according to known problems within the breed ( hips, elbows, thyroid and cardiac tests and clearances , vWD, PRA, CERF, etc.). Owners are urged to register all results with the OFA and Canine Health Information Center. NOTE: Since continuing research on health defects may lead to new and better methods of diagnosis or prevention, it is recommended that people intending to breed Giant Schnauzers keep themselves educated on the details of the available technologies and testing procedures.

6. No bitch should be bred more than once a year without first obtaining veterinary certification that such a breeding is medically appropriate. It is strongly recommended no bitch be bred prior to two (2) years of age, nor after eight (8) years of age without veterinary certification. Each bitch to be bred should be in good health and free from communicable diseases, parasites and disqualifying faults. Breeders of litters are responsible for the puppies produced by their bitches. Therefore, it is recommended that the breeders verify that the purchasers of puppies will be responsible owners who will provide proper homes and care. All breedings that occur should be done with the intention of the preservation and betterment of the breed, taking into consideration matters of structure, health and temperament, as well as the ability of the breeder to be responsible for the puppies produced.

7. It is strongly recommended that Stud dogs should not be bred prior to two (2) years of age. Any Stud Dog should be in good health and free from communicable diseases, parasites and disqualifying faults. All breedings that occur should be done with the intention of the preservation and betterment of the breed, taking into consideration matters of structure, health and temperament, as well as the ability of the breeder to be responsible for the puppies produced. The Stud dog owner should provide all information regarding the health testing of the Stud dog and assist the owner of the bitch in any way possible.


  • I, as a breeder, will not place puppies in new homes until they are a minimum of eight (8) weeks of age recognizing that it is often desirable to keep a puppy longer if ear cropping is done.
  • I, as breeder, will provide to the new owner, at the time of sale, or as soon thereafter as possible, the official AKC Certificate of Registration, with signed transfer of ownership. Written contracts for deposits on puppies, the sale of the puppy, any guarantees and replacement policy and/or any terms of a co-ownership are strongly recommended. If a Giant is sold as a pet, pet puppy purchasers will be strongly encouraged to spay or neuter all pet quality puppies and such puppies will be sold with the AKC Limited Registration and/or spay/neuter contract. I will honor all contracts.
  • I will supply each purchaser with: a) at least a three generation pedigree, b) a complete medical record, and c) details on proper feeding and care.
  • The buyer will agree that I will be contacted whenever an owner can no longer keep a dog at any time in the dog’s life and it will be my obligation as a breeder to take the dog back or arrange for its care until such time that the dog can be placed in a new home.
  • I will cover all stud service terms by written agreement and keep accurate records of matings and births as required by the AKC. I will assist in the placement of any dogs sired by my stud and will encourage the breeder to ask a price for puppies consistent with pride in the breed.
  • I will help educate the public in the Breed Standard and care of my breed and all other areas of animal welfare which I am qualified to discuss. I will try to educate people as to the correct conformation, coats and colors of the Giant Schnauzer.
  • In choosing names and applying for AKC registrations, I will avoid using, except with the WRITTEN permission, a prefix or suffix associated with a recognized breeder of Giant Schnauzers, here or abroad, even when such a kennel name is not registered with and protected by the AKC.
  • I will never sell or dispose of Giant Schnauzer puppies or grown stock through pet shops, wholesalers, commercial dealers or paid agents but will deal directly with the individual buyer, making every effort to be sure that he/she will be responsible Giant owners and that the new home will be satisfactory.
  • In advertising Giant Schnauzers I will be truthful and informative and will refrain from exaggerated or misleading statements either to sell my own stock or to "promote" this breed indiscriminately as suitable for every person or purpose. If I advertise or guarantee "show prospect" puppies, I will upon inquiry make clear what this means and the extent of my responsibility as to replacement or reimbursement if the pup does not develop according to expectations.
  • Recognizing that every effort should be made to retain in the stock used for breeding the great intelligence and reliable, responsive disposition which makes the Giant a useful working dog in the land of it’s origin, I will support and encourage performance events as the most objective and best available test of mental and temperamental fitness. I will encourage new Giant owners to participate in basic obedience classes, at least, so that they may enjoy and the public may see well-behaved and easily controlled Giants.

  • All members should conduct themselves at all times in such a manner as to reflect credit on the sport of purebred dog showing and Giant Schnauzers in particular. This includes respect for the show site, convention and overflow facilities, and all other aspects of responsible dog ownership. All members shall refrain from knowingly making unfair or untrue statements about the dogs or practices of others.
  • All members shall abide by the constitution and by-laws of the Giant Schnauzer Club of America and the rules of the American Kennel Club. Members should also encourage new Giant Schnauzer owners to join GSCA and should provide contact information of GSCA club members in the area of the new owner.
  • Finally, I recognize that the privilege of owning, showing and especially breeding Giant Schnauzers carries with it an obligation to study and understand the official Standard for the breed. I will support the strict application of the Standard of the judging Giants at the shows, use it in evaluating my own stock, and try to help produce Giants that with each generation conform more closely to the ideal that the Giant Schnauzer standard describes.