Health & Welfare Assistance

The Health & Welfare Assistance fund has been established by the Giant Schnauzer Club of America thanks to the generosity of the Audry Fitzgerald estate. Its objective is to provide support through financial assistance to any individual with a Giant Schnauzer in need. All purebred giants are eligible, but priority will always be given to senior dogs. The reasons for needing assistance may include, but are not limited to, health/medical, nutritional/food, housing, and/or transportation. Any assistance that is approved will be paid directly to the party or organization providing the service for the dog (e.g., veterinary clinic, boarding facility, pet food supplier, etc.) and may not be paid directly to the owner. An individual giant may receive only one grant from the fund during its lifetime with the maximum amount of any grant being $2000.

The review and approval process can take days or even weeks, and therefore it is not suited to paying for emergencies at the time of treatment. DO NOT WAIT TO SEEK VETERINARIAN CARE. An application may still be submitted after the fact to help offset the cost of emergency care.

All requests for assistance should be submitted via the online form available at Health & Welfare Assistance Application. Submissions are distributed to all members of the Health & Welfare Committee for review with one of the committee members following up shortly thereafter. Final decisions are made by the GSCA Board of Directors based on the recommendations of the committee. Grants from the fund are made at the sole discretion of the Giant Schnauzer Club of America, Inc. All decisions by the GSCA Health & Welfare Committee and/or the GSCA Board of Directors are final and not subject to appeal.

Since its inception, the Health & Welfare Assistance program has given out over $16,000 to Giants in need across the United States. We are proud to have been able to help the following Giants: Freeway, Edith, Bee, Angelina, Penny, Lady, Sully, Abe, Shiloh, and Morpheus.