GSCA National Specialty 2019

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REMINDER: The upcoming Western and National Specialties in Greeley, Colorado are DESIGNATED Specialties in conjunction with the all- breed and Working Group Shows-Peak to Peak Working Dog Ass. Of Colorado and Evergreen Colorado KC. The Giant Schnauzer breed winner will be eligible to compete in the Working Group/BIS competition at both shows.

Citing AKC rules: "Chapter 3 Dog show classifications: Section 13....In addition, the Winners Dog and Winners Bitch together with any undefeated dogs that have competed at the show only in additional non-regular classes shall compete for Best of Breed or Best of Variety of Breed." "Chapter 11; Dog show entries and conditions of dogs affecting eligibility: Section 8.....Neutered dogs and spayed bitches would be allowed to compete in Veterans Classes only at independent specialties and/or those all-breed shows which do not offer any competitive classes beyond Best of Breed."

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The Giant Schnauzer Club of America (GSCA) maintains this directory of people who are active in breeding..

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New Titles and Statistics

Conformation titles, working titles, agility statistics, conformation, herding, obedience, rally...

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Golden State Giant Schnauzer Club
4 day conformation only show, June 6th-9th